Trentino Sviluppo
Business, development and destination marketing agency

Trentino Sviluppo is a company established by the Autonomous Province of Trento to foster the sustainable growth of the “Trentino system” by developing actions and services aimed at supporting the creation of new entrepreneurial and innovation projects. In particular, Trentino Sviluppo represents the reference point for the enterprises willing to operate in Trentino.

Trentino Sviluppo


Fondazione Edmund Mach
Education, training and technology transfer centre

It is a prestigious institution which over the years has achieved many important goals at international level delivering a range of education, training and technology transfer programs in the fields of agriculture, food processing and sustainable development.
This small agricultural centre is located in the town of San Michele all’Adige, just 16 km to the north of Trento. It consists of about 70 hectares of land and a 14-hectare campus hosting school facilities  greenhouses, laboratories and offices.

Centro 3A
Centre Agricolture Food Environment

The Center has been created by the University of Trento and Fondazione Edmund Mach to enhance and strengthen the collaboration between the two institutions. 

The work of the Centre is focused on high-quality research and training in smart agriculture, and in particular on the production of quality food products, the reduction of environmental impact and a sustainable use of resources. With an interdisciplinary approach that encompasses genomics and field trials, the centre aims to reduce the human impact on the environment, both natural and man-made, through the development of integrated, low-impact and sustainable products, instruments, methods and strategies.